Technical Professional

To whom this may concern:
I suspect you’ll find very few candidates with a background such as mine?and it’s one I’d like to put to work on your behalf.
As you’ll see on the enclosed resume, the depth of my experience in System Engineering and Project Management offers you the opportunity to hire an experienced professional needing little to no training and who is comfortable serving and presenting to Senior Executives as well as those they entrust.
Moreover, having worked as a Technical professional in a variety of industries, I have the background to knowledgably present information empowering the customer to make informed decisions. As a result of long term economic volatility (resulting in downsizing, layoffs, and business failures) that I have held positions at numerous companies. However, it is this fact that allows me to offer you such an unusual breadth of experience.
Further, having previously been onsite as a contractor to both WHMO and WHCA as well as better than 11 years as Presidential Support Aircrew (VPOTUS and limited POTUS support) I have a well integrated understanding of the rigors of that specific environment. Results matter to that mission and integrity and accountability are integral to those results
A personal interview would allow me to discuss what match may exist in your organization. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can schedule a meeting.

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