Lead Principal Analyst

Dear Sir or Madam,
I had the honor of being George O’Bryan’s team leader for 14 months. I found him to be a conscientious and hard-working team player.
Mr. O’Bryan was the Lead Principal Analyst on a large, inventory and bill of materials system for the Department of Defense when I took over leadership of the team. The training and assistance he gave to me was instrumental not only in my rapidly accumulating knowledge of the system, but his insight into the politics that are always present within the Federal Government served to guide me away from the pitfalls many first time government managers experience.
Mr. O’Bryan was also very effective in training the other team members in the workings of the system and in improving their analytical skills. He was always willing and able to assist those less skilled with their functional analysis, and skillfully completed the analysis and testing of many of his own projects.
He is an

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