General Problem Solver

Dear Sir or Madam,
With a technical BS degree and an MBA, I have been a leader and general problem solver in technical based business. The intent of my approach to education and experience has been to garner a broad capability to address both the technical and the business aspects of an assignment. This background enables me to see the present challenge in its larger business perspective and to develop a technically sound solution which is good for the company as a whole. In overview, my experience ranges from management consulting (McKinsey & Co.) to project management and engineering in the aerospace and automotive industries for over 25 years and I am now interested in the challenge of a new position.
The experience I offer spans the range from new assembly plant design at GM to strategic competitive and financial analysis both at McKinsey & Co. and at GM, and to detailed product and manufacturing engineering work both in the office and in the manufacturing plant for new and evolving products. This work also includes the presentation of significant findings and recommendations to senior executive leadership.
International experience is also to be found on my resume and includes project management, issue negotiation, problem solving and language translation and interpretation due to fluency in the German language at a documentable high level of proficiency.
My approach to work can be summarized in these key points:
– Always work with the buying customer in mind. The product provided must be ideal from the point of view of the customer who buys the final product.
– Accept turnkey responsibility for the challenge and relieve the responsible executive of the need to worry about it. Exceed expectations.
– Understand the scope of the challenge

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