Dear Recruiter

In response to your ad for a Technical Trainer, I would like to be considered a candidate for this opportunity. I am an accelerated learning instructor and training is my passion! I am looking for a position that utilizes my creativity and allows my talents to flourish. I have a strong passion and ability for training, having taught at the university level. I have degrees in both Computer Science and Psychology. My detail oriented technical and training skills make me an excellent candidate as a trainer, for a training position training personnel from end user to technical personnel to management. My experience with training different levels of audience allowed me to develop strong oral and written communication skills in a teamwork environment. I have also done a vast amount of technical writing using Word, FrameMaker, and Visio. My specialty in training is accelerated learning techniques. I have M.O.U.S. certification for Word 2000 at the Expert Level. I am at the advanced level of MS Office, having used it and taught Office 95/97/2000/XP/2003/2007 as well as writing macros.
I’ve taught at three colleges in the USA as well as secondary school level, both here and abroad. I have also trained teachers, trainers and staff. The training included the Microsoft Office Suite, MS Project, FrontPage and a variety of other application courses. I have taught both technical courses and interpersonal communications, thus combining both my technical and psychology background. I have developed courses for the end user, applications programmers and developers, in addition to management and executive staff at various organizations. I have also developed participant guides, instructor’s guides, tests and training evaluations. I have also done technical training, but not limited to personal positions I’ve held, such as desktop support, help desk, field level, 2nd level and national technical support with the major computer manufacturers; all involve 24–7 support. With my background in mainframes and working in Silicon Valley, I have developed strong analytical and problem-solving abilities with a strong customer–service orientation. I have trained in Hardware for both PC’s and Mainframes, enhancing my problem determination skills in order to solve complex issues involving hardware, firmware, software and telecommunications/networking factors. My experience enables me to know what is essential in coaching personnel to be effective customer service rep’s. I always take the opportunity to instill great customer service in the personnel that I train.
I can be independent, self–driven and highly motivated/detail oriented as well as team oriented in getting the job done. I have an outgoing, friendly personality with a professional presentation and excellent communication skills, being an NLP trainer. Having no local responsibilities, I am available to travel whenever, or if necessary, even on short notice. Please feel free to contact me at the contact details provided below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Gratefully, Eileen Bray
Deerfield Beach, FL

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