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I am a multi-tasking, hard-working individual that has been employed since the age of 16 bagging groceries at the grocery store on Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany. Upon graduation from Ramstein American High School, I went off to the “Big Apple” to gain exciting new experiences outside of Air Force bases. I have traveled to Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, England, Switzerland, and Austria while living abroad in the Netherlands and Germany. To name a few: Antwerp International School in Belgium, Glantal Hauptschule, Haus Nazareth Beruffachschule, Landstuhl, Germany, Ramstein Junior and Senior High School, and finally The City University of New York at York College.
In my family, I was always encouraged to go to school and pursuit all avenues of education. Shortly after graduation from high school, I got to visit my family and tour New York City. I attended an open house City University of New York at York College in the Spring of 1999 and was immediately accepted to begin attending regular classes in the Summer 1999. I attended City University at York College for four years and worked part-time for the college newspaper, Pandora’s Box, and Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning ( acquiring various areas of writing, marketing and administration in the liberal arts field. Upon graduation from college I participated as an event volunteer for Queens Borough President’s Office and tutoring at the Writing Center at York College.
I moved to Destin, Florida in Winter 2004 to gain full time work experience, while taking online distant learning courses in elementary education at Grand Canyon University Online and Walden University Online. A recent trip was Jukjeon, South Korea and Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany on a tour of the schools to teach as a foreign language instructor .

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Nice letter, but what do you want? Are you applying for a position? If yes then mention it and explain what value can you add to the company.

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