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I saw your advertisement for part time instructors to teach Organizational Behavior and Leadership Development at USN’s MBA program. I am very much interested in this opportunity because in addition to my consulting practice, I would like to teach in business schools as a way of giving back and sharing with others valuable learning experiences and insights that were acquired by being a part of some best managed global companies. Currently, in addition to a part time teaching position at the University of Phoenix (where I teach Organizational and Motivational Psychology), I am also writing my dissertation and I expect to graduate in August of 2009.
As background, my career in management/leadership and consulting practice in Organization Development and Human Resources spans a total of 25 years of working experience with Fortune 20 Corporations. I have worked at The Procter & Gamble Company both in the US and international in Organization Development and Human Resources functions managing leadership development and training, diversity and change management initiatives. My assignments constitute working in partnership with executives and their organizations in co-designing and implementing high performing work systems through employee participation and empowerment.
At Warner-Lambert Pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer), I was an HR Director in Organization Development leading their talent and succession planning functions to help the organization retain top talent through the corporate mentoring program and performance management and development systems
Sincerely yours,

Las Vegas, NV

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