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Dear Mr. Early

January 31, 2010 Search Committee Madison VA, Superintendent of Schools Dear Mr. Jeffrey C. Early: I would like to apply for position of Superintendent of Madison County Schools. I have a love of the South and Madison appears to be an ideal location for living and working. Mr. Early, you will find from my resume; I have all the management training and experience you require; as well as the people skills and personnel development and management. I have served as a teacher, coach, principal, Director of Special Needs, and Superintendent of Schools. I am also an organizer and a relationship builder. The position sounds both exciting and challenging. I have the experience, education and management background to excel at this position. I can get the job done for you with intense enthusiasm I have seven years experience as a CEO in the public arena. I completed my course work in the PhD program at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I have worked in such areas as conflict resolution, mediation, arbitration, marketing, communications, district spokesperson; media spokes person, speech drafter, public speaking, and organizational public promoter. I understand management, collaboration people, marketing, recruiting, and building a successful organization. I understand team work and the importance of supporting and encouraging a top notch team. I would support and work with a passion for the students and staff. I currently have a Minnesota and Colorado Principal and Superintendent’s license. I have worked in fund raising and public relations for twenty-five years. I have tremendous passion in seeing a strong organization get even stronger. Sincerely, John Longtin 4859 Slater Road Eagan, MN 55122

Eagan, MN 55122

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