Supply Chain Management Position

My current employer, Smith& Nephew Wound Management, will be ceasing operations in September 2009; therefore I am interested in discussing the Supply Chain Management position you are attempting to fill. I have extensive experience in Supply Chain & Logistics, with particular expertise in Purchasing, Strategic & Global Sourcing, Inventory Management, Production & Capacity Planning, Distribution, and Forecasting in a variety of industries. I have also managed processes such as Sales & Operations Planning, which resulted in significant improvement of customer service in conjunction with reductions in manufacturing and distribution operating costs. Much of my success has occurred through Demand Management processes that anticipated demand and created effective production and purchasing plans in support of sales.

I have repeatedly been able to help companies increase profits and control costs through sound business practices and decision-making in a variety of industries, including Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Defense Contracting, Chemical/Process Industries, and Food & Beverage. My background includes development of performance metrics and the use of these metrics to drive improvement throughout the extended supply chain. I am also skilled at facilitating projects comprised of cross-functional and multiple location domestic and international teams.

In addition, I am an active and certified member of the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), having taught over 500 hours of certification classes and served as the Atlanta Chapter President from 1996-1998. I am also currently serving as an instructor in a Supply Chain Management e-Learning program affiliated with the University of San Francisco, where I have developed over 50 classes presented in this three level program. This experience has provided me a sound theoretical base that I have been able to prove repeatedly in my career in industry. Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills result in successful implementation of recommended improvements.

With my 25+ years of management experience in industry and consulting, I can help your organization streamline their Supply Chain and improve profitability much faster than what might otherwise be expected by utilizing my many lessons learned on their behalf. My BS in Mathematics and 2 years of MBA studies provide a basis for logical approaches that lead to well-defined issues and lasting improvements.

I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss any mutually beneficial openings with you at your earliest convenience. You may contact me at the numbers or address on this page.

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