Supply Chain management Cover Letter

Supply Chain management Cover Letter


I like to recommend Rose as employee and Rose has worked for me as subordinate at Sun Microsystems, he was a pleasure to manage and major contributor to my team. He brought skills in Supplier management, qualifications and inspection. Rose worked with me at Ascend Communication, However did not report to me but he was very instrumental in getting cost reductions and qualified outstanding supplier Base to support Ascend Communications needs.

Rose worked with me at Asyst Technology as Commodity Manager and did excellent job in qualifying superior supply base which provided Competetive cost along with supply continuity. Rose key attributes are, he is outstanding team player and very knowledgeable about Supply Chain management function, inspection, qualification and the business end of the position. The suppliers he supported thought well of him because he offered his expertise to help them grow and become better suppliers.

All I can say is, I hired him because he is a proven performer with outstanding people skills and knowledge about supply chain management, which includes Supply Base Engineering, Quality Engineering and Commodity Management. He’s also very good at doing many task at the same time, example at Asyst he had to wear many hats in his position because Commodity Management included performing, Supplier Quality, Supplier Qualification, Supply Engineering and Commodity Management which including quoting and negotiating cost and delivery requirements. Rose is very loyal worker and he is very honorable person the kind that makes your company better place to work at.


Chesapeake, Virginia

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