Dear Hiring Manager

Are you ready to hire an outstanding new team member? Specifically, I will bring you leadership experience and a proven history of success in improving ROI by enhancing the organization’s results from sales and personal productivity. Recognized for revenue generation, polished communication, outstanding management, and problem-solving skills, I have excelled in positions where leadership, vision and strategy that differentiates the trailblazer from the taskmaster, have consistently developed the ultimate potential of the organization and its people.
I am writing to introduce myself to you as a TOP PRODUCER for the last 16 years with a burning desire to be #1! I recently worked at (SaaS model) where I was over 100% of new & up sell quota for 2008 & 2009. Prior to that, I worked for Connecting Neighbors, a division of (SaaS model), where I was over 100% new & up sell quota for 2005 to 2007. I was the first person in the company’s five year history to be able to sell in New England because I personally created a new workable strategy system
I am extremely passionate about my work, motivated and constantly striving to achieve my ultimate goals. I am a confident, driven individual, who has consistently generated high-level results during each stage of my career. I had a very successful 2005 working for Connecting Neighbors where I was ranked #4 out of 35 Regional Sales Managers across the country. I earned the Sales Innovator of the Year Award for creating a new sales system that allowed me to successfully penetrate the highly challenging New England market. I achieved Centurion Club status, making me the fourth person in the company’s five year history to obtain this honor. Additionally, I was awarded the Ultimate Team Player for inspiring others in the company to perform at a higher level. Finally, I was nominated by my peers and selected by the management team as Team Member of the Month several times. In the words of my Executive Vice President and his CEO, “Dino sets an example with his high level of professionalism and energy and he represents the values, attitude, and drive for excellence that is the foundation of our company.”
Best regards,
Marlborough, MA

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good w/ some constructive crit. Way to long and wordy. Your qualified good move on this is like combo pak of letter and resume try condensing best to you

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