Sales Team Leader / Manager

Distressed/Toxic Assets, Capital Markets, both REO & NPN, Bulk Transactions

I am transparent, candid & extremely knowledgeable. I work to effectively attain my client’s investment goals & have a stellar representation with the banks and asset managers I negotiate with. I pay attention to detail. I have the ability to handle and resolve conflict effectively; have mastered the art of working with arduous clients, creating a positive outcome. You will find me to be a motivated, proven performer in sales. I am a record-setting sales leader skilled in maximizing profits. My background shows a history of repeated successes and achievements. A commitment to exceptional customer service has helped me to create & sustain my business.
I am a high energy individual with a strong positive mental attitude and feel at ease working and interacting with people. Being flexible and having the ability to adapt to change allows me to make adjustments in my actions and thinking when dealing with challenging situations. I am a problem solver and extremely self-directed. Setting lofty goals for myself has continually made me a high performer.
Bottom line, I am an over-achiever. I have always exceeded sales quotas. I learn quickly and have a strong command of my sales skills.
Respectfully submitted
Monarch Beach, CA

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