Sales Professional

Good afternoon:

I know that you are busy so I will be brief and to the point. Based upon the requirements of the position listed my skills as a sales professional match well with the qualities that you are looking for in a top candidate. But, we both know that there needs to be more than what is on the resume to earn the right to work for your company.
In my current and past positions I have exceeded the sales goals and demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities. During the 15 + years of sales I have demonstrated that I work well with all levels of executives (C-level buyers – VP’s and management decision makers).
The answer to why you should consider me for this position begins with the belief in my abilities, sales experience and maturity. It ends with my assurance that when chosen for this position; I do what it takes to succeed.
I welcome the opportunity to interview for this position in the near future.
Bartlett, IL

This example was posted: 8/23/2010 9:24:43 PM EST

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