Sales Professional Cover Letter

Sales Professional Cover Letter

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With a successful background impacting revenue generation and overall profitability for several companies, including HH Brown Shoe Company and Skechers, I am proud to have established myself as an award-winning corporate officer and senior executive with a proven record of accomplishments. Combining key strengths in global business development, licensing, marketing, asset management, negotiations, and much more, I am seeking the opportunity to utilize my extensive experience at enhancing corporate growth within a company such as yours. Therefore, I am writing to inform you of my availability and I’ve included my resume for your consideration.

My skills in business operations and sales are balanced by my knowledge and expertise in global sourcing, market penetration, licensing, marketing, finance, merchandising, and asset management. Throughout my career I’ve continuously delivered superior revenue growth, led the penetration of major markets, acquired key accounts, and improved profitability through dramatic cost reductions.

A sample of my key contributions includes:

Growing sales and dramatically lowering costs after less than one year in current position.
Establishing a new division for Skechers and growing revenue to $38 million per year in 3 years
Acquiring over 975 new accounts for Skechers and earning 2 corporate sales awards.
Producing average of $14 million in growth (15% to 20%) 7 straight years at HH Brown.
Improving profitability 20% while decreasing operating costs over $17 million.
Increasing ROIC each year at HH Brown by reducing finished goods 22% to 30% each year.
Negotiating major licensing, endorsement, and global sourcing contracts with partners.
Earning 6 major awards with HH Brown, including Outstanding Overall Achievement (2x), Outstanding Corporate Executive (2x), President’s Award, and Chairman’s Award.


Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

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