Sales Professional Cover Letter

Sales Professional Cover Letter

Second Time Around

I am writing to in response the email you recently sent to gauge my interest in opportunities you are currently representing. I am interested in registering with you and look forward to hearing more about McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing. I have attached a copy of my resume for your review in both PDF and Word formats along with a Word copy of this letter.

I am best described as a sales professional with an engineering and technology background and am looking for a Tech Sales position. I am interested in a wide variety of job descriptions but have been focusing my job search on Account Executive or Account Manager positions in software and IT. I feel that I am a strong candidate for these types of positions due to my combination of experiences. Not only have I worked among the complexities and close teamwork associated with the engineering disciplines but I also have in depth experience in high-pressure sales environments.

For almost six years I have been working in New York City’s results-driven real estate sales market. I have distinguished myself as a top producer and my industry commentary has been featured in the New York Times and the Financial Times. Concurrently I have been working for the past seven years in media and entertainment contracting complex and abstract intellectual property intangibles for worldwide distribution. Negotiating licenses, soundtrack and royalty agreements I’ve interfaced with both Fortune 500 publishers as well as small independents. My tech/engineering work experience includes New York City construction project management and project work in the technology department at Standard & Poor’s Comstock.


Chicago, Illinois

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