Sales Professional Cover Letter

Sales Professional Cover Letter

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I want to thank you for taking the time to review the attached resume. I am writing you to inquire about a position as a Sales Professional. I am looking for an employer that will recognize and take advantage of my sales background and entrepreneurial spirit. I have extensive experience in business to business sales, financial/insurance sales, investment management, public speaking and customer service.

During the past fifteen years I have become very comfortable in sales. I built up my own financial planning firm from scratch, established my own business (Lighthouse Financial Solutions LLC) and I had the financial credentials that you would expect from someone in my position. Although my licenses have recently lapsed (June 2007), I do stay up to date with what is going on in the business. Credentials are nice, but they are not what set you apart in business. It is my ability to relate to people, build up a strong relationship, and make it a profitable one that sets me apart from most people with my background.

I guarantee that you will very pleased by my professional appearance and business knowledge as I have been selling to both mid and upper level executives with great success. What has always come through was that I am easy to do business with and that customers feel comfortable referring me to their friends. I feel that these are two of the best qualities that any salesperson can have. I know that it is mostly because of me, and how I work with my accounts, that I am able to bring in superior sales numbers.


Scottsdale, Arizona

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