Sales Person Cover Letter

Sales Person Cover Letter

Office Warehouse

I am writing to offer my high recommendation of Smith to you.

I know Smith very well and have known him for over 10 years-initially as a co-worker, and then as an employee and good friend.

Smith is a thorough, competent, effective and persuasive salesperson. He is as persistent a person as you will ever meet. He clearly knows how to get through to prospects after his peers have long since given up. Because of his product and industry knowledge, Smith also has tremendous ability to overcome prospects objections and ‘turn them around’, resulting in getting into accounts where most cannot.
Smith gets a lot done in a day. This helps him to have an above average ability to respond very quickly to prospects and customers with proposals, questions, and resolutions of various issues. I have seen this skill demonstrated by him to acquire large accounts many times.

Best Regards

Vancouver, Washington

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