Sales Executive

Results driven sales executive / High tech capital equipment sales experience
Increased regional sales from $2.6 million to $28 million / Exceeded Quotas
Appointed new distributors and cancelled non performing distributors
Trained and motivated regional sales force of 42 salesmen for Fortune 500 Company

Fortune 500 sales executive: My career has included key positions with well known firms, including Daewoo, Hardinge, Citizen and Marriott.

Progressive leadership in managing sales and sales teams serving North America’s manufacturing sector. Expertise includes full spectrum of marketing, sales, fulfillment and customer service.

Experience in acquiring and retaining new customers, creating long-term customer relationships, and increasing profitability.

Distinct understanding of value drivers: Productivity, profitability, innovation, customer relationship management, quality management, environmental, health & safety issues that determine success in a competitive marketplace.

Comprehensive and rapid assimilation of new technical data: Expertise in translating product and service value propositions to a broad range of professionals across a diverse industry base.

Consistently recognized for ability to capture, analyze and shape customer behavior, motivate colleagues and solve problems.

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