Sales Cover Letter

Sales Cover Letter

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Abraham reported to me from January 2007- January 2008. His responsibility was overseeing the McAfee Secure Internet Gateway Security Appliance product at Dell Inc. Abraham has strong communication skills, connecting several team members of McAfee into a successful joint effort for our sales agenda. He has effective, working knowledge of the Dell organization, making it possible for McAfee to make needed changes immediately as business changes developed, such as webpage corrections, pricing adjustments and placement of marketing funds for stronger ROI.

Abraham has a positive outlook on business during difficult and challenging times. He works diligently and clearly knows how to initiate successful sales production without much direction. During these past four quarters, he managed to gain improvement in product mindshare across multiple markets inside of Dell which lead to overall revenue growth.

Due to unforeseeable business changes, Abraham position was eliminated. However, based on my experiences with him and success we had together, I would “highly recommend” him for any position that needs an experienced, organized and efficient candidate to manage a sales-based project or team.


Irvine, California

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