Principal Scientist

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a Experience molecular and cellular biologist with more then 25 years experience in Nucleic Acid and Protein manipulations.
Most recently I have been working at MDS Analytical Technology as a Principal Scientist/Group Manager where I was responsible for:
Development applications for Laser Capture Microdissection which include:
1. Amplification of nucleic acids (mRNA and micro RNA) for microarray analysis and real time PCR.
2. Labeling the products of amplification for further downstream analysis.
3. Making expression constructs for gene knockdown and over expression.
While I was there I managed development of amplification kits for microarray expression analysis form single cell (less then 25 pg of starting material) and amplification of micro RNA from less then 1 ng of starting material (total RNA) for real time PCR and microarray analysis.
My career history includes design and perform cell biology experience using lentiviral delivery system for efficient and pantropic transduction of almost all types of the cells (stem cells, and primary cells).
Some of my strengths are:
1. Deep knowledge of molecular biology and biochemistry techniques.
2. Knowledge of cell culture and ability to design and perform in vivo experiment to validate efficiency of experimental constructs to be used in research and pharmaceutical industry.
I am currently exploring opportunities in the Biotech/Pharma Industry, where I can take a lead role in designing, developing, and implementing creative solutions to product problems.
During my work in industry, I have gained education in managerial experience through the courses taken in BD Bioscience and MDS Analytical Technology. I have managed people with different background and skills. Projects and tasks under my supervision have been finished in time and with the best possible outcome
Thank you for your time and attention. I hope to hear from you soon.

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