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Thank you for considering my candidature. To help you learn more about me and how I would fit in with your company, I thought I would let you know how I came to care so much about business and how it works.

As soon as I discovered marketing research in 1984, I knew the rest of my career would include marketing research.

My first introduction to marketing research was at IMI in Minnesota. I began as an Executive Interviewer. I called people in business to ask them about their choices, preferences, and likely next steps. I could not believe my good fortune. I got to speak to smart people all day and learn more about business as I went. I learned what prompted nurses to select one particular type of EKG equipment, for example.

During that EKG project, I learned about the importance of branding, packaging, and distribution. Much of what I learned about EKGs reminded me of the five-year plans I reviewed for the Senior Executives of 3M France when I was their English teacher. Even though I was charged with improving their English, I found the content of those five-year plans to be far more interesting than proper pronunciation or grammar. The five-year plans reviewed overall trends and upcoming initiatives to sell more product. I got to see how market conditions, regulations, pricing, cost of manufacturing and sales efforts and advertising were developed to complement each other. I was witness to how to develop a global strategy.

I was hooked. I wanted to learn more about business strategy, how to look for opportunities and solve problems that got in the way. I decided to formalize my study of business and earned an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.

I use what I

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