Clinical Research Associate

Employment Administrator,

I am interested in a position with your Company utilizing my extensive Medical education and knowledge, and my practical business skills. I would benefit your Company in the New Products Division, as a Medical Science Liaison or Clinical Research Associate in Hospitals and Clinics, or working with Government Agencies, other Physicians, or with Medical Staff in a Research oriented environment. I am equally at home in Teaching Hospitals, with Residents and Medical Students, working in Clinical Trials Studies, or any other area that would require Professional Medical training and knowledge.

I have a vast Medical background, including Cardiology, Dermatology, Hematology, and G.I. Oncology. I worked with several Cardiovascular Clinical Trial studies at Stanford and in Postgraduate School at U.C. San Francisco Medical School. I worked with the Clinical Trial team, the Research team, Key Thought Leaders, and the Marketing team within these Clinical Trial Studies. I worked with Physicians, Nurses, Healthcare Professionals, and marketing personnel involved in these studies. I talked with other Physicians on a one-to-one basis, and relate their Medical ideologies to others in the Medical community and the marketing team via Power Point Presentations. I was involved in writing the training manuals for field representatives for the Pharmaceutical Companies. I was also involved in all aspects of Clinical Trial Studies, including monitoring, documentation, drug safety, Government Agencies, Clinical Trial and FDA parameters, economics, diagnosis of patients, medication dosage, and daily or weekly patient diagnosis.

I have an extensive Medical Education ranging from a Doctor of Medicine Degree (M.D. Degree) to an Undergraduate Degree in Anthropology/Sociology (Bachelor of Arts Degree) with a minor in Science, Business Administration and Marketing from Colorado State University. I have taken Graduate courses in Radiation Biology, Parasitology, Biology, and Veterinary Medicine. My Medical Degree course work in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry, General Medicine, Cardiology, Radiology (M.R.I. and Ultra Sound), and Emergency Medicine was taken via U.C. San Francisco Medical School.

I have taken course work in the new Windows programs, Excel, Power Point, Word, and Web. Page Design, to further my knowledge of computers and Internet Research in Medical Marketing. I can give Power Point Presentations to Key Thought Leaders (Physicians involved in Research and Development), Residents, Medical Students, and other Health Care Professionals.

I have an extensive background in Pharmaceutical and Biotech. Clinical Research, Medical Science Liaison, and Sales and Marketing.

My extensive Business background and training includes work with Pharmaceutical Companies, Clinical Trial Studies, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies, and Medical Marketing and Research.

I worked with Pharmaceutical Companies as a field Representative. I worked with Physicians (Key Thought Leaders), Residents, Clinics, and Teaching Hospitals. I worked with Upjohn Home Health Care Division and Government Agencies at the Federal, State, and City levels, marketing their concept of Home Health Care to Physicians, Teaching Hospitals, various Medical Organizations, and Health Care Professionals. I taught courses to Physicians, Nurses, and other health care professionals on the benefits of Home Health Care. I worked with Dermik Laboratories as a Field Representative in the Dermatology Industry.

I administered History and Physical Examinations in my Medical School training and for various Health Insurance Companies. I work with J and J Medical Marketing Company in the Ophthalmology and the Health Care Industry, where I market Medical and Ophthalmologic products. I attend Conventions and take review courses to learn the newest Research in Medicine, Ophthalmology, Family Practice, General Medicine, and Dermatology. I keep current on my medical knowledge through JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), other informative Medical Journals, the Internet, and Medical Convention review courses. I have taken courses in Marketing, Computer Technology, and Advertising. I research the newest medical and pharmaceutical products for J and J Marketing Company via computer technology and clinical research. I relate this new information to other Physicians and Healthcare Professionals. I am computer literate, and equally at home on the computer or talking to Physicians and medical groups about new pharmaceutical, Biotech. or medical products.

Because of my extensive Medical background and education, management training, and my Marketing training and experience, I would be an excellent candidate for a Company in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, or Biotechnology Industry. I would like to be involved in Medical Science Liaison and/or Research for New Products.

I look forward to your reply in the near future. I hope to meet you and talk about a prospective position with your Company. Please keep my Resume and Cover letter on file, if there is no immediate opening with your Company at this time.

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