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Over twenty years experience in Information technology in diversified industries and technical environments. My background includes all phases of project management, systems development, case tool development, financial, retail and manufacturing systems development, software quality management, selection and implementation of application software and tools, technical services and customer support. The majority of my experience has included large IBM mainframe and IBM/HP server projects. I have directed and managed projects for the design and development of multiple client/server systems. I have directed the installation of SAN and Server networks and communications infrastructure. I have managed outsourcing programs, managing all projects and budgets. I have directed and managed projects to improve the effectiveness of systems through the applied use of technology and automation in support of finance and accounting, order administration, retail and production and inventory control. In a management role, I have directed and managed contractor and company development teams, implementation teams and operations staff.
Strong technical background, strong working experience in the following areas: Servers and Data storage systems (including server virtualization), computer operating systems (UNIX, LINUX & Windows), client computing solutions (thin-client, thick-client), encryption solutions, authentication solutions and Active Directory.
Experience Has Included: Started own IT consulting company. Managed and directed multiple project development, networking and support teams in Life, Variable product systems and Health and Server upgrades, installation, and virtualization at a major insurance company. Directed and managed teams of contractor programmer/analysts in the analysis, design, development and implementation of client/server projects. Directed the installation of networks and communications infrastructure. Managed an outsourcing program, managing all projects and budgets. Directed the request for proposal (RFP) process and evaluated technical capabilities of contract bidders. Conducted a comprehensive information strategy assessment on behalf of a major New England retailer, which included short and long term business goals, applications and technical architecture. Directed and managed a $9 million multi-site Purchasing/Inventory systems implementation, including hardware, software and communications for a Middle Eastern oil company. Managed contractor and company development teams, implementation teams and operations staff. Directed and implemented software quality assurance programs for a Middle Eastern government. Prepared and conducted training for developers and quality assurance personnel in testing techniques. Designed and developed quality assurance standards and procedures for government systems. Conducted evaluations of purchased software packages.
Bloomington, IL 61704

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