Sr Project Manager

My recent (last 15 years) experience has been as EPC Project Director and Sr. Project Manager. Earlier in my career I have also held key positions in facility engineering and operations, both onshore and offshore. I have been involved in business analysis, as well as cost and schedule risk analysis in preparation for Final Investment Decisions. There are many applications with this experience. Added value I can bring to a project from day one include:
1. Experience successfully engaging with multiple contractors and/or stakeholders on an MCP.
2. Long term relationships with many fabrication yards throughout China and SE Asia.
3. A proven ability to develop world class HSE and quality standards, and gain active participation and ownership, in nations that generally struggle in these areas: Angola, China, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Saudi Arabia.
4. Experience in isolated Greenfield MCP’s: The Arctic, Yacheng 13-1 Project, South China Sea, Zhuhai China LPG Project, Kutabu Oil Project in the Southern Highlands of PNG.
5. Experience with Petroleum, LNG, LPG facilities and natural gas or oil pipelines, both Greenfield and Brownfield.
6. Extensive EPC module fabrication and installation experience for both offshore and onshore facilities. This experience includes logistics, tie down, shipping, receiving and interconnection in proper sequence.
7. Experience partnering with and gaining Stakeholder alignment and approvals.
8. Extensive experience with Decision Gated approval processes for a variety of owners.
9. Experience with Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis.
10. Experience with DA (Decision Analysis) efforts to determine if a project is viable and should be allowed through the next gate/phase or determining if an alternative solution is more viable, operationally sound and cost effective.
11. Have been directly involved in all efforts to achieve FID (Final Investment Decision).
There are potentially many more applications for this experience including mentoring, SimOps planning as well as logistics/sequencing of equipment, material and/or modules.
Please feel free to contact me, at your earliest convenience, if you have further questions. Thank you for your consideration.

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