Senior Project Manager Cover Letter

Senior Project Manager Cover Letter

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I bring to the table a strong work ethic with a strong drive to succeed. My life experiences enable me to successfully add value to the organization I work for. As a Senior Project Manager for Training Development and delivery at Kodak Copy Products I was responsible all products and applications that developed the skills of internal and external customer’s.

My customer’s needs were always met in order to maintain a world-class company reputation for my employer. I earned the Eastman Kodak Companies Master’s Club Award for 100% Customer Satisfaction multiple times.

BirdsEye Foods presented the opportunity to develop a project plan to take an existing Customer Support Call Center and mold into a world-class center. This was accomplished with teamwork, training, and talent positioning. Our call center rose to the challenge of Y2K by Initiating a Project, Planning the project, and successful Implementation of the plan. The model we built is still in place today. As an Executive Show-site Manager I created a Project Plan to develop a group of hospitals that were the best of the best for Eastman Kodak’s Health Care and Information Systems products in the United States and Canada. The Executive Show Sites are typically our high profile multi-million dollar sites. Our average sale closure rating had a 97% success rate in closing the deal once a client visited the show site. Our Center’s of Excellence have contributed to a $100 Million Dollar plus to the bottom line in annual business.


Livonia, New York

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