Senior Project Manager Cover Letter

Senior Project Manager Cover Letter

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My present position as a Senior Project Manager is being eliminated at the end of December. I am available to leave this position immediately before the end of December.

Here are some details I am frequently asked when a recruiter looks at my background:
Positions matching my experience: VP, Director or Manager in a plant, operations or division engineering group associated with manufacturing. Also, consulting engineering positions with an emphasis on project management. I prefer to be on the other side of the desk as a team member with more than one project at a time and daily participation in management. Another position could be Plant Manger, General Manager or VP of Operations or equivalent. I believe I have valuable experience I could pass on to mentor or develop my staff. I am a strong believer in continuous improvement. I believe this is something to be built into the business culture and nurtured by management. I term my management style as participative. I also enjoy projects managing construction. Being a mechanical engineer, I still like to see what the project is all about. Some of my most enjoyable work was in the field as the owner’s representative. I am open to travel as required.
Types of positions to consider in order of preference: permanent, contract to hire or contract position. Will consider any size firm and believe my experience would be most useful in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, beverage, cosmetic, medical device or other regulated industries.
Relocation: yes we will relocate and would preferably like to stay in Indianapolis. My wife is originally from Wooster, OH and I lived in Ohio more than 25 years. We are open to Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, OH or northern KY areas and will consider small rural towns. We have adult children living in central Ohio. Having lived in Ohio for the majority of my career, my wife and I would like to return. My wife works from home and assistance with her career is not necessary. We own a home in a desirable neighborhood and selling our home should not be a problem as homes in the area are rarely for sale.
Remuneration: my present base salary is $117,500 with an annual bonus of approximately $3,000 and fully paid health insurance. My highest paid position was the last pharmaceutical industry position: with bonus my last year I was paid approximately $138,000. So this point is negotiable depending on responsibilities, location and benefits package.
I am working 95% of the time from my home until the end of the year and can be reached any time for phone interviews. My present employer will provide a favorable reference for me and is providing me with time needed to conduct this search.

I have attached my resume for your review. I hope this helps to explain my interests. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.

Best Regards

Carmel, Indiana

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