Senior Project Manager

Dear Mr. Coventton

This letter is in reply to your client’s job description, which highlights the requirements for a Chief Engineer/Senior Project Manager. The following detailed comparison shows that my qualifications and past experience meet or exceed the requirements for the above position.
Principal Functional Responsibilities Related Experience & Qualifications Direct and Manage Project & Design Engineers and CAD Designers to ensure that engineering work meets established standards and client specifications. Interface with external “Sales and Marketing” teams. Travel “Domestically and internationally” to various company facilities. In summary to the above, please review the following: • Manufacturing of OEM Equipment – experience gained at Price Brothers for the production of very large one of a kind pre stress concrete pipe. The machines were designed in house and produced by manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Canada and United States. My role was to ensure each major component (Gear Boxes, Pump Units, Structural Steel Frames, Motor Drives & Instrumentation Controllers) were manufactured then shipped to NATCO for assembly and testing and shipped to Libya (Great Man Made River Project). • Foundry Experience – went to Erie Community College and completed 2 semesters Metallurgical courses (Grey Iron Foundry, Material Testing, Materials in Industry, etc) and worked at General Motors Foundry for three years while going to college. Understand Foundry practices from “Core Making, Sand Casting, Molten Metal Pouring, Finishing through QA/QC inspections. • Project Management – over twenty years experience in completing projects World Wide, traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, Far East, Australia and many Cities throughout the United States. Responsible for projects from $80 to $250 million dollars. • Engineering Experience – over twenty years experience working and managing Engineers (in/out house, site, source, vendor, client) in every field. Have in-depth drawing experience of all engineering fields. Fully knowledgeable in most material standards (ASTM), construction & manufacturing codes (AWS, ASME, NEC, B31.1, B31.3, API 630/650, etc). • Overall – from design, to manufacturing, assembly, construction, startup & testing , turnover, after sales customer service to sales & marketing I have the experience that is required for this position with out reservation or mental hesitation. Please note: yesterday all of Lufkin Products & Services were downloaded and reviewed by me and would like to advise you that there is nothing that would be a road block or problem for me for the position that they’re trying to fulfill. Truly speaking, of all the jobs that were reviewed by me “this is the position that I know that I can fulfill to the highest extent” for Lufkin. And am very flexible to do what ever the company would require in regards to travel, special projects, relocation etc. The main objective is to get the job done without delays, budget overruns or client dissatisfaction. Please understand that I am looking for a position that I can utilize all my years of knowledge and want to make this my last career move until retirement, meaning long term employment hopefully over ten years. One additional item to mention is that outside of working hours is that I am very “Civic” oriented, Shriners, Rotary, etc and would be an asset in projecting company sprit and good will within the community of Lufkin. My wife and I both reviewed the city of Lufkin on line and came to the conclusion that this is where both of us would be so happy to live due to a wonderful community government, activities available to get involved with and its centralized location. Coordinate engineering section by providing professional development and training as required to ensure growth demands are met and successful departmental operation. Engineering Manager experience gained at Price Brothers by manufacturing one of a kind OEM machinery. Managed (engineers, draftsmen, QC/QA inspectors). Provided technical information in laymen terminology to Sales & Marketing to better enhance company advertising and most important to provide clients with answers to technical questions. Traveled extensively (USA, Canada, Middle East) to various part manufactures (gear boxes, electric motors, structural steel frames, instrument controls) & assembly vendors to ensure company engineering & design standards/specifications were met and to code (AWS, ASTM, ACI, NEC, AISC). At MK Ferguson supervised engineers and draftsmen and provided career path projections for each employee and scheduled training courses for employees to grow within to the next level.
Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Sincerely yours, Gary M. Pavlovic
Baytown, Texas

This example was posted: 3/23/2011 10:36:42 PM EST

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