Senior Project Consultant Cover Letter

Senior Project Consultant Cover Letter

Superior Interior Design

Joseph was highly successful in his role as Senior Project Consultant with USC Consulting Group when they undertook a major project for my company. The project budget was approximately $1.2 million and consisted of reengineering our operations with a timeframe of four months. His excellent communication and leadership skills created highly functional teams who accomplished a tremendous amount of quality work in a very short amount of time.

As this was my first major project of this size Joseph acted as a mentor to me on the prototype for this massive effort. His experience and expertise guided me to the successful completion of this very difficult task. When things got tense, Joseph maintained a calm composure yet had an appropriate degree of urgency and commitment, but helped me and the team keep it all in perspective. Keeping his cool, and passing that on to the team members made no panic-induced decisions, and the quality of the end product was exceptional. Superior under stress, Joseph actually appears to become calmer and more patient as stress escalates or conflicts emerge, making him an extremely valuable in crisis situations. He can inspire excellent performance, ensure accountability, takes personal responsibility and build bridges even under duress. I depended on him for coaching with regard to communication skills as well as strategy and vision creation. The end result was increased profits double over double to what was promised totaling $5.5 M increased profits yearly. We spread the system company-wide and it is still in use and intact as Joseph and USC Consulting Group intended it to be

The project had a large impact to the business. It entailed all departments’ human resources, marketing, sales, distribution, maintenance, engineering and all levels of management. Therefore, there was pressure to implement quickly He always gave the client all the information: cost, timeline, technical constraints, etc. He then explained it in a very client friendly way that allowed everyone to understand the full implications. Joseph presented all aspects with both pro and cons to all levels from hourly employees to Senior Management on a daily basis. He worked with, lead meetings, trained and coached management and Senior Management on a daily basis driving results.


Mount Olive, North Carolina

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