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Dear Sir

My background has been VOIP, telecommunications, project management, business analyst, technical writing & teaching, and systems integration. Taught data communications, E911, wireless communications (802.11g, 802.11I, GPS, PCS, TDMA, FDMA, AMPS, CDMA, GSM, LoranC), SONET, fiber optic transmission systems, and telephony classes at a local university.
When US West-Qwest had lost all faith and confidence in NEC, I was able to restore confidence (see Al Graham’s testimonial letter) by saving Qwest $60,000 per location, or more than $240,000 total savings. For NEC-Eluminant, I installed and turned up numerous OC-3 and OC-12 SONET multiplexors and digital loop carriers’ equipment for their principle client (Qwest). I was sent to several Qwest locations, to assist Qwest by turning up hardware and thereby satisfy Public Utility Commission complaints. Qwest wrote letters to NEC-Eluminant praising my work. For Sprint, I installed and turned up both OC-48 multiplexors for city-to-city traffic. I also installed and turned up dense wave division multiplexing hardware DWDM (both used for inter-city traffic with heavy volume of traffic, in excess of 1.6 million telephone calls simultaneously).
I saved the lives of one American and two British citizens when the Bedouins started shooting small arms (WW2 rifles). One British worker was shot and went down. I ran over to his location, picked up the British man, threw him onto my shoulders and carried him to safety (see Ted Knox’s testimonial letter).
Aurora, CO
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