Project Manager Cover Letter

Project Manager Cover Letter

Rack N Sack

I am interested in the position related to the Project Manager within your organization. As will notice on the enclosed resume, I have experience as a project manager with specific background in developing methodologies, processes, tools and solutions – including tracking applications, issues management systems, customer care tools, reporting and metadata engines. My focus has been in the private sector, which extends into banking, utilities and government agencies, but I have previously rolled out applications in SAP and Oracle during the early days of MedPartners. I have also rolled out medical applications, benefit management solutions for private practices and managed conversions for insurance companies.

My portfolio of projects includes of up to 24 large to medium sized projects over the past 8 years, with up to 140 applications (direct and in-direct design involvement) that composes a collective budget of no less than 300M. I have managed a team of up to 100 consultants and over 15 project managers in my charge, with direct reports to the VP of an organization. I have participated in integration, operations, process management and strategic initiatives involving metadata, message brokers, CORBA, EAI, CRM, web, billing, HR, OSS – including products, services and providers such as WebMethods, Information Builders, Platinum, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Cache, SQL Server, DB2, Great Plains, SBT, TeamPlay, WorkBench, Project Central, Visual Studio, JBuilder, iPlanet, UNICenter, Telcordia, Novient, Rational, IONA.

Recently, I was tasked with building a PMO for a bank in North Carolina. This takes place after engaging CDT Business Solutions where I gathered and developed methodologies that was used to eventually construct their PMO as well. I have trained and qualified project managers throughout the years whose experiences range from junior managers, leads, business analysts, engineers, project librarians, project auditors and compliance managers. I was directly involved in the development of CDT Business Solutions, with the SEPG group at SAIC and various formal testing teams at BellSouth. The success of my career over the past several years lead to the formation of Managed Dynamics and McElroy & Associates. I have also written testing protocols and quality assurance models for the Java One framework during the first quarter of its release. At Command Data, I was responsible for founding the PMO; based on a centralized project management framework, which unified their somewhat disparate organization, troubled by its lack of schedule, structure, methodology and unified development processes.


Spokane, Washington

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