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To Whom It May Concern:

As a Senior Marketing Professional I am recognized for producing bottom line results through in depth business and product knowledge. Currently I am seeking an opportunity with an excellent organization that is in direct line with my accomplished professional background. The company I currently work for decreased payroll more than 50% in August of 2008 and we do not expect payroll to resume in the near term therefore I am in the search of a new challenge.
Recognized for bringing new products and services to market, while strategically managing existing product lines, my inherent insight contributes to the goal of achieving an increased ROI with on-time quality product and project completion. Succinctly, I am an organized, analytical and creative thinker, with excellent team leadership, planning and personnel management skills.
Typically have assisted companies that require the following: – Development of a strategic view that is implemented through the development and management of a product or service roadmap to increase ROI – An understanding of process or product issues; then recommend and implement solutions that increase revenue or decrease expense – Translation of customer needs into actionable business requirements and commercialize them into a saleable solution
Thank you for your attention.
Villa Park, IL 60181

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