Product Manager Cover Letter

Product Manager Cover Letter

John F. Lawhon

With my marketing background, and “C” level client experience, I feel that your business would benefit from having a leader with my skill set, as it is important today to be able to see the big picture, think out of the box for solutions, and have relationships and knowledge of a variety of possible ways to drive the success of the enterprise, not to mention the ability to make sure the client knows that they are the focus and number one priority of your business.

I bring to a business not only a high level of accomplishment in marketing, business development, and project management, but also the experience of managing a business portfolio as a product manager, developing businesses as a business development director (I have had several positions supporting business growth and start-up/redefinition of the business), and also maybe even more important here, I have had small entrepreneurial business experience, where I have had to manage multiple tasks simultaneously to get the products and services sold, distributed, delivered, and supported post sale.

Attached is my resume’. As you see, I have held a number of positions within the AT&T and spin-off companies driving sales through both direct and indirect sales channels, as an individual contributor and as a sales leader supporting both outside and inside sales teams. In almost all of the positions I have held since 1980, I have been in resource challenged organizations tasked with running an independent business, with a great deal of autonomy from the corporate governors. As a function of being in these types of organizations, I have gained the experience necessary to lead a high performing team, support and coach a multitasking organization, and drive results across multifunctions, very successfully.


Highlands, Maryland

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