Product Marketing Manager

I have successfully been a commissioned Sales Representative, an OEM Marketing Manager, a current and future Product Manager, a European Account Manager, a Business Development Manager and a Director of a marketing consulting firm. As a Product Manager, I analyzed customer needs, market trends, distribution channels, competitors and business opportunities for many years. I have developed and negotiated custom business contracts as well as managed the costs, performance and schedule of projects. I acquired these skills while working at Hewlett-Packard and at Flextronics International.

While at HP, I managed a $100M+ product line and was responsible for all marketing functions like worldwide pricing, profitability, promotion, distribution and product features. As a Marketing Product Manager, I worked successfully in a cross-functional capacity with R&D defining product features, with Finance regarding costing and setting the best price, with Customer Assurance establishing quality and regulatory goals, and with Manufacturing regarding forecasting and availability. I developed a five-year strategic product family plan for an overseas entity, developed tactical single product business plans and initiated product cost reductions during the complete product life cycle. I managed a software department consisting of four persons, assigned tasks and performed annual performance evaluations.

I headed a 14-person multi-marketing department team that managed all promotional aspects of the worldwide product introduction by providing sales and training media to the various sales forces, end-user product documentation and advertising needs. I analyzed competitive product offerings, made decisions to maximize the strength of the various distribution channels, helped design the best promotional message using focus groups, performed customer segmentation analysis, and managed product positioning and name selection. I worked with many Fortune 500 companies as an OEM Marketing Manager, listening to their requirements, solving problems and negotiating win-win solutions.

While working at HP, I worked with attorneys defining general sales and licensing contracts, and negotiated custom business contracts involving Intellectual Property. While first working as a consultant, I analyzed markets, identified partners and developed profitable distribution channels to promote new marking technology in non-competing applications. As a European Account Manager and Japanese support engineer, I successfully adapted programs and policies to accommodate different cultures, business practices and customs, doing business in over twenty countries and generating over $26M in annual revenue.

While at Flextronics International, I identified markets and strategic partners that could utilize our design capability and developed mutually beneficial business relationships. As a system integrator, I established project timelines, performance criteria, cost goals per phase, conducted review meetings with the appropriate customer and responded to RFQs. I managed multiple projects concurrently and several projects were in the printing, wireless, software, and biomedical industries.

As a Marketing Consultant, I have conducted focus groups, performed segmentation analysis, utilized primary and secondary research to drive business decisions, and regularly presented to upper management. My engineering degree and MBA courses have provided me with a strong foundation for using data to understand and solve technical business problems.

I recently worked under contract for the large format media division of Hewlett-Packard, organizing worldwide introductions of new products. I worked with product marketing, R&D, supply chain, sales and Marcom in several countries to insure media and ink products were introduced successfully and profitably.

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