Experienced Public Relations Practitioner

As a veteran journalist, newspaper editor and public relations practitioner, my 12 years of experience in print media, public relations and, most recently, advocate of the social media, will be good news for your organization.

More than three years ago, I accepted a reservist position with FEMA and am pleased with what I’ve accomplished, including being one of the first FEMA reservists to incorporate social media (Twitter, Google+ and Facebook) and social media measurement into the emergency response toolkit. Additionally, I created email newsletter templates for both internal and external use, coordinated with various organizations to assure disaster survivors received information and helped develop preparedness and recovery videos for general use.

As I consider how to best express my media value, both journalistic and social, to your organization, these themes come to mind quickly:

• I am an excellent journalist. With a bachelor of arts degree in public relations from Harding University, a political journalism certificate from Georgetown University and graduate studies at Kent State University, combined with more than 12 years of writing, editing and publishing experience, I have honed my writing capabilities to a fine edge.

• I am an experienced liaison and coalition builder. During my time with FEMA, I have worked with a number of people from various areas of the country with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. This experience has helped me become a stronger communicator and an excellent liaison between subject matter experts, communication staff and the media. When I worked for a nonprofit organization, I worked with a number of businesses and social groups successfully gaining both financial and volunteer support.

• I am an experienced public relations practitioner. By working with nonprofit, small business and political clients, I have created news products, created media kits and garnered media attention for my clients. I have also tracked and monitored media coverage for my clients and as a part of my position with FEMA. To remain current to new practices, I have been working on a master of science degree at Kent State University. This program of study has offered me additional practice and information on measurement, internal communication, corporate communication and social media.

• I have strong social media capabilities. Adept at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, I also have experience with web site design and construction as well as web-based content development. If you organization needs strengthening in these areas, my candidacy will be good news.

• I am an excellent leader. As a newspaper publisher, as the Night Editor and Manager for the Daily Citizen in Searcy, and as the Business Editor for Log Cabin Democrat in Conway, I have been called upon to lead teams and build consensus in a diverse group of writers and contributors. Look to me for results. Additionally, I have worked with nonprofit organizations to strengthen their volunteer corps through events and presentations.

As you can see, the combination of journalistic experience, coalition building experience, social media capabilities, public relations practices and leadership all point to the strong probability that I will be exceptionally effective with your organization. I look forward to meeting with you in person and discussing how I can quickly integrate into your organization and assist in delivering time and mission-sensitive information to your audience.

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