Executive Sales Manager

MANY FIRST HAND SKILLS WITH ALL SIDES OF BROADCAST MEDIA,INCLUDING OWNERSHIP. My priority is the people within a successful organization. Those that thrive on innovative problem solving ideas

Success of six different entities within ten different organizations, I am presently seeking the right company in need of an executive with an exceptional array of skills developed from the many points of view of sales management. I am an expert in the art of relationship building, team leadership, fiscal and pricing disciplines, and nurturing natural creativity, all of which has helped me to guide both self-made companies as well as station teams to reach their top performance levels regardless of current competitive conditions.

As evidenced in the enclosed resume, my experience encompasses communicating a long term vision while adapting short term strategies precipitated by inevitable change. It all begins and ends with developing strong relationships based on active listening and honest dialogue, thereby earning trust.

I have the ambition and discipline to keep learning as the media world changes. I am familiar and very comfortable working within the media worlds of television, radio, the World Wide Web, newspaper, cinema, network cable, interconnects, zone cable, and developing extensive campaigns both,for, and with , eleven different Pro &College sports franchises.. My partner and I built a $50 million advertising agency from scratch with just sixteen employees. Media Pros & More, my own agency, peaked at $4.5 million with just one principle after only two years. I have that rare combination of skills – a true entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an unstoppable drive to succeed – that sets me apart from others in the advertising field.

If you are looking for a fresh approach and an employee who has a proven track record of success, an undisputed work ethic, and reputation for integrity, I invite you to read the enclosed resume. If you feel that I can be of some help to you and your company, I am available to speak with you at your convenience.

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