If any of your assignments call for a financial management position, I might be that person. My background is strategic planning, operational efficiencies, audits, reporting, accounting system implementation and organizational restructuring. I have expertise in real estate, not for profits, service and manufacturing sectors and have managed budgets up to $120M and staffs to 20.
Some of my cost-cutting skills include implementing proper budgeting and forecasting, managing large scale accounting software conversions and negotiating favorable contracts and leases. I also work diligently to streamline and improve reporting, as well as increase ROI and up front tax savings.
As examples of my achievements for $2B Scholastic Inc., I generated a savings of $1.75M by implementing a system-based invoice paying process. I also delivered $2.5M worth of improvements on new and reworked facility leases. On the tax side, I achieved tax savings of $4.5M on capitalized interest.
Kings Park NY

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