Since leaving the Military my professional career has been concentrated on orchestrating operational improvements in leadership roles over a wide variety of industries including; food and beverage, apparel, electronics and defense, heavy manufacturing and food service equipment design.

Currently, as the Director of Engineering for a global restaurant equipment supply company I lead the engineering effort of a groups of 15 designers and engineers and 7 support staff and the CNC Programming effort. One major initiative is the successful conversion from two-dimensional design to three-dimensional modeling. Additionally we were able to support an 18% growth in the number of projects with no increase in staffing. We have also through the implantation of Nesting software increased Steel Utilization by 20%.

Previously I was employed as a management consultant with international firms working with a variety of companies selling programs to improve their operational effectiveness by reducing cycle time and improving first pass yield.

Prior to my consulting experience I was the Vice President of Operations for EFW, a US subsidiary of a global company headquartered in Haifa, Israel that designed and manufactured Defense related electronics for Boeing, Lockheed Martin and UDLP. Utilizing the principles of lean manufacturing combined with strategic outsourcing resulted in a 400% and 500% increase in throughput on two production lines. Emphasizing continuous improvement, commissioned teams we were able to reduce manufacturing salaries as a percentage of revenue from 16.7% to 13.5% and reduced inventory as a percentage of revenue from 38.9% to 31.1%.

While at Trinity Industries two most notable achievements were: the implementation of a Lean Manufacturing program. The results at one facility were dramatic. Reduction of: work in process (WIP) by $980,000; product cycle time by 45% and overtime by $500,000. The success enjoyed at this facility prompted a corporate wide roll out of the program. Another project was the successful implementation of Pro Engineer a three dimensional CAD design software product that allowed an engineering design team to reduce the design time for a boxcar from two months to two weeks.

In all these various industries I have capitalized on my strengths to identify opportunities or problem areas, develop strategic, then tactical plans for improvement and motivating team members to exceed the established improvement goals.

My education includes a BS degree in Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, an MBA and a Masters in Science in Human Relations from Amber University in Dallas,

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