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After some 28 years of working in the for profit world, I would like to parlay my leadership and managerial skills into a worthy cause for elderly. I have a strong passion to leverage my marketing, management and strategic planning skills to enable an elder care organization to become more successful in achieving their mission of serving their targeted constituency. During my years in the Food Industry I studied many consumer groups. The most interesting to me was the 55+ market. I strongly believe that as a society we are ill equipped to handle the demands of this growing population.

During the past 17 months, I have been involved in assisting my husband in oil and gas investments on a part-time basis and being a caregiver to my mother and father both who suffer from Dementia. Their health conditions escalated to the point that a member of the family had to become more involved with their physicians and eldercare living arrangements. I have been involved in their placement in hospital stays, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and now in a private home with 24 hour caregivers. I know all too well how the relationships of caregivers to memory impaired individuals can help them thrive or cause depression/anxiety.

In my prior position, I served as the consumer expert and operated as an influencing manager with a diversified team of software and hardwire engineers, graphic designers, and brand equity/account service managers. I reported directly to the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer. I have years of experience in working in tandem with sales, marketing, production, finance, human resources, and outside contractors to achieve desired goals and objectives.

During my tenure at this company, I designed and developed a 6,000 square full service grocery store testing facility. We conducted over 500 shopper trips through the lab. I hired and worked with a variety of research providers for the recruitment of the shoppers for the product testing of our shopping cart. The research was critical to the design of the user interface screen on the shopping cart.

My resume will detail all of the other positions held during my tenure in the Food Industry. I have managed management teams of 10 direct reports each with sub-ordinates of three to ten individuals. I have directed market research analysts for the preparation of market and brand studies for leading consumer product manufacturers and new product companies, all of which involved market forecasting, trend analyzes strategic plan development and new product and promotion monitoring. I managed an operating budget of $9 M and a promotional budget of over $50 M.

In the community, I have held a variety of leadership positions within the St. Rita Catholic Community as President of the School

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