Regional Service Manager

Dear: To whom it may concern,

I have read the requirements for this position and feel my job experience and talents align up very well to succeed with your company.
I am a highly Trained Regional Service Manager for Films and Graphics, working an Operation answering to a main Corporate Factory back East, supervising a full operation of 6-8 techs on the west coast. I have a fully Operational Home Office and Demo Room with all the Bells and Whistles, and supervised the establishment of other service and sales Operations.

I have been a member of the US Military for four complete tours, operational in Telecommunications and Military Police billets; and have functioned in Sales and Training in both in the military and in civilian life. I have also run Regional and National Training program for both software and hardware for advanced Graphics and films and printing: additionally I have been responsible for maintaining 17 front line Technicians and Sales Staff with over 25 Demo Sites, while supporting an 8000 plus client base.

I have done everything from one-on-one training & Demos to large classroom settings; developing, maintaining and upgrading websites, video training courses and PDF manuals that resulted in reduced trouble calls in my customer service department. This also gives my sales staff very valuable tools to aid in the close of active leads. I have similarly performed installations and documented their procedures, as well as controlled R&D feedback to improve the product line.

I have worked in Australia, Japan, Europe and the States, and currently I do 50-65% travel in my present position. I am looking for a wage with commissions plus bonuses, but would consider working under a Commission only status, if the deal was sweet enough.

As I have said, I like the West Coast of the US and travel is not an issue, I have worked within CE and ISO standards. I have been a member of SME and have been on the Tradeshow Circuit from ISA to WESTEC, to the Machining Shows in Chicago. I understand how to control my time and hit goals for Projects and normally work a 10-12 hour day.

Please call if there is any more information you need.

Very Respectfully,

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