Management Professional

To Whom It May Concern:

As an accomplished management professional with extensive experience directing all aspects of process control instrumentation & electrical equipment supporting power generation, oil & gas, and paper / pulp industries, I offer unique expertise that will benefit your company.

My background includes strong experience and expertise leading projects in QA/QC Inspections, Starting-Up and Commissioning new power plants & oil & gas facilities per customer requirements. Furthermore, I’m highly successful installing, troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining process control instrumentation and electrical equipment while meeting safety and ISO 9002 quality standards.

Key Highlights:
– Successfully operated, diagnosed, repaired, and maintained all plant process control instrumentation and electrical equipment for three peaking plants consisting of GE LM6000 aero derivative gas turbine driven generators (Three Contracts).
– Inspected construction of an instrumentation and automation program supporting a project to reduce oil spills that included installing and maintaining PLC’s and instrumentation on tank batteries and pumping units for a major oil company.
– Played key role in developing and implementing a metrology total quality system based on ISO 9002 quality standards to maintain calibration integrity and quality for both process instrumentation and electrical equipment.

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