Technical Management Professional

A senior dedicated technical and management professional with experience in

A senior dedicated technical and management professional with experience in engineering, operations, planning and business development that includes senior manager and consultation. A dynamic operations and business development leader passionate at creating, executing strategies aimed at translating company vision into sales and profit growth. Devoted at building and motivating high performing teams to develop and implement business plans geared at operational improvement and revenue growth through strategic domestic and international relationships.
AREAS OF EXPERTISE Organizational Operations P&L & Budget Development/Management Project Management Strategic Planning Implementation Communication Skills Senior IT Management Team Player and Leader Interactive Support Sales and Marketing Cross functional Business Client Relations Contract Administration Financial Planning Facility Development Risk Management Supplier and Distributor Relationships Networks Design
Key strengths include: Analytical Problem Solver— Quickly assesses the need for action to correct a dysfunctional situation. Uses and analytic approach to determine the real problem, proposes solutions, and implements the one most likely to be effective. Exceptional Negotiation Skills—Superior ability to lead key players to a win-win solution in negotiating contracts. A strong reputation for breaking down barriers between departments, as well as between company and customers. Quick to arrive at mutually acceptable solutions. Organizational Operations—A strategic planner, project manager and implementer. Puts ideas on the ground and ensures their viability. Effectively uses computer technology to monitor progress and keep team members informed. A talent for team development, team leadership, motivation, holding team members accountable without micromanaging. Financial Acumen / Business Savvy—Financial strategist, with a strong record for accurately analyzing the financial impact of proposals. Capable writer of RFP’s. Experienced P&L manager. Intense exposure to IPO’s as IPO team member. A solid track record for developing revenue growth for the organization. Excellent Communicator—A capable public speaker, with ample experience making PowerPoint presentations to people at all levels inside and outside the organization. Skilled at translating technical concepts to non-technical people. Excellent writing skills, especially technical reports for expert and general consumption. Superb mentor, teacher, developer of professionals. Technologist–Establishing and guiding company goals, policies and procedures, hardware and software acquisitions, evaluation and selection. Managed long term system needs, standards, network (HFC, ATM, DSL, SONET, FDDI, FR, ISDN, CCS, LAN, WAN, MAN) architecture, engineering and implementation, product development, project planning and management, protocols (DS, IP, IISP, SS7, TCP/IP, OSPF, BGP, RTP, FTP, HTTP, X.25), signaling, and hard and soft switching technology for Voice, VoIP, Internet telephony and Data using digital switching, router packets and copper, coax and fiber transport.
Leesburg, VA

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