Supervisor Cover Letter

Supervisor Cover Letter


It is with great pleasure that I am submitting this letter of recommendation for Brian Franchitto! I have personally known Brian for 8 years having had the opportunity of having him as a direct report to me at SeaChange at the level of Supervisor of Peripheral Test. Brian is a professional in the truest sense of the word insuring that SeaChange met the highest quality standards on current and newly released products. Brian always performed his job in an orderly and timely fashion. Being a very responsible individual whom always put the company needs in front of his own, there were many a time when Brian would work through the night, at the end of the quarter, insuring that the equipment met both our high quality standards and was shipped. Thus insuring that SeaChange met its quarterly revenue goals. Brian is a very likable individual who worked well with all his associates and interfaced seamlessly within all other departments. Brian was always one to “pitch in” and help in any way he could!

Brian was responsible for the quarterly scheduling and purchasing of $2 to $4 million dollars in Direct Inventory procurement and $12 to $15 million dollars in Consignment Inventory through our suppliers. Brian’s department was responsible for supporting the Final Systems revenue shipment of $40 to $45 million dollars per quarter!

I personally can’t say enough about Brian to express that great individual that he is! Anyone lucky enough to have him in their employ should consider themselves a fortunate individual!


Franklin, Massachusetts

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