Software Development Manager, Project Manager


I am a Software Development Manager and Project Manager with extensive experience in product definition and development, team building, project management, emerging technologies, creating and evolving corporate partnerships, and start-up companies.
Throughout my career, I have led the definition and development of new products and the integration of new technologies. I have built cross-company partnerships that have helped shape corporate direction and product strategies. My ability to build effective teams and to lead people and projects will provide direct, tangible bottom line results to your company. My experience from startups to rapidly growing companies to large Fortune 500 companies gives me the ability to join your company where you are today and help you succeed and grow. In today’s world of overseas outsourcing, my experience building partnerships with Asian and European companies can help your company thrive in today’s rapidly changing competitive world.
I have separated my resume into six key job description areas: • Leadership, Management, and Team Building: I have experience building teams, turning a group of people into a cohesive and effective team, and leading teams through growth and change. If you need to build a more effective and cohesive team, I can definitely help you accomplish that objective. • Project Management, Partnerships, Virtual Teams, and Outsourcing: I have a proven track record delivering quality products on time. I have built many effective partnerships and led virtual teams with other companies. I’ve successfully outsourced design, development, and testing to other companies, both in the US and abroad. If project management, partnerships, or outsourcing are key to your success, I have the experience and ability to contribute immediately. • Cooperation with Marketing, Management, and Operations: As part of a team, I work well with Marketing, top management, and operations. I have experience working with all levels in the company, from the production floor to the CEO. I’m sure you’re looking for someone to become an important and effective member of your team. • Corporate and Product Strategy: As a key member of management teams, I have become increasingly involved with influencing corporate and product strategies. In addition to real world experience, I have studied marketing strategy and keys to high tech startup success. I am able to contribute to your company’s success on many levels. • Customer Focus: I love working directly with customers! I can help you communicate effectively with customers in a variety of settings, capture customer input and issues, and bring them to the team to improve products and services. • New Technology: I have always been involved with new technologies. I have led teams developing, testing, and integrating new technologies, as well as defining customer oriented solutions using new technologies.
Tim Eckerman
Denver, Colorado

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Overall, very good letter, but using "I" to begin many sentences. As recommended to another writer, try starting with a comment, "As a team leader, I…". Just seems to make an easier read.

Mark Babbitt reviewed this cover letter on Mar 24 11 at 11:41 am

Very in depth, but the use of 'I' is over done.

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Mar 24 11 at 3:56 pm

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