Senior Superintendent

Dear Hiring Official

If you are seeking a forward-thinking, performance driven, and quality focused professional who cosistently delivers solid results, you will be interested in my experience and the accomplisments highlighted in my resume.
In my entire career experience, I am demonstrated for implementing forward-thinking ideas, concepts, and programs that motivate highly successful teams, generate strong and sustainable profitability, and ensure customer loyalty. My past experience includes…  Providing proactive leadership, with the understanding that when my team is successful we are successful, allowed me to be effective in spearheading innovative projects that established long-term profitability.  Implementing quality customer service programs that foster long-term customer loyalty.  Analyzing market trends and identifying opportunities that provide profitability In short, I am leader both by example and through effective management of individuals and provide leadership and guidance to my clients and colleagues. It is essential that I develop very close relationships with each client to know the intimate details of their status to help steer the companies toward sales profitability.
I attribute my consistent success in large part to the ability and maintain a principle-centered environment that preserves the company’s core values while stimulating growth and progress. Equally important is a strong focus on ensuring positive customer contacts at all levels, both internally and externally. You will find that I am very skilled at developing sound action plans, as well as in oversight and follow-through on those plans.
Houston, Texas

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