Senior Public Relations Manager

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am confident that I would be an excellent candidate for the position of Senior Public Relations Manager that I located via Linkedin. I am currently looking for a quality place to hang my hat and this opportunity with XYZ is clearly of interest to me. I have no issues with relocation and I have enjoyed visiting Las Vegas in my past and would welcome the opportunity to do so again and represent XYZ clients in an ethical and professional manner.

Please take a look at my attached resume for a detailed look at my skills and experience. Here’s a snapshot of what I have to offer:

• More than 12 years of experience as PR/Marketing account executive, supervisor and team leader.

• A background as a reporter/producer that enables for quick determination and identification of potential placement opportunities.

• More than two decades of established media relationships and an inside understanding of newsrooms.
• A history of successfully meeting and exceeding client goals.
• More than a decade of working with clients in a wide variety of industries.
• Managing client web presence, messaging and social media.
• Providing event management and promotion from partnerships to grand openings and VIP events.

My relevant qualifications for this position include serving as a media intermediary for my clients and, when appropriate, as a company spokesperson. Also of note is my most recent position as vice president for Marx Layne & Company. In this role, I was responsible for developing and implementing strategic media relations, marketing and branding initiatives while interfacing with clients and directing account teams. Additionally, I was responsible for working with and directing internal and external vendors including graphic designers, website coders, social media, arranging trade show participation and, development of collateral marketing materials. One of my core competencies is that I was often a “go to” person when a job needed to get done and for crisis communications when other account teams needed help for their clients.

I am honest, shoot straight from the hip and counsel my clients to operate with integrity in the public sphere. Sometimes, that is not often the best traditional business move, but when a business is a member of a community, it carries with it an implied corporate social responsibility.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my credentials and how my expertise can help your organization.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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