Senior Printing Production Manager

Dear HR Professional:

In my role as Senior Production Manager for Graphography, NYC (now a division of InnerWorkings), I worked to develop a network of experienced printing and mailing suppliers to meet the needs of clients who use Direct Marketing techniques in order to gain a greater market share. To this end, I participated in the development and management of a series of contracts with some of the largest US printing manufacturers and mailing services providers. My role included staff oversight, maintenance of service level agreements, in addition to monitoring performance assessments of the wide variety of suppliers from all over the country. In addition, I also possess direct experience with paperboard package printing, editorial & writing prowess and lists’ purchasing.
In my multi-faceted role as advertising agency Production/Purchasing Director & Account Executive, I have become well-versed in the strategic and operational nuances of working with a Fortune 100 client, Kraft Foods, in order to develop and implement a branding vision for the Gevalia Kaffe division with annual mailings of over 60 million pieces. Moreover, with clients ranging from non-profit organizations to universities and private corporations, my professional journey has been grounded in the ability to understand, navigate, and cultivate relationships with diverse populations.
In the final analysis, I am an experienced executive with developed communications, organizational and leadership skills, who possesses a strong passion for team-building. My commitment will be to work as a valued team member of management towards taking the organization to greater heights.
Kindest regards,

Tucson, Arizona

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In my opinion the cover letter needs to spell out the specific position you are applying for in the company you are addressing. Your experiences are very detailed but I could see you focusing on the bottom line more.

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