Senior Operations Management

Dear Mike

Having just initiated a transition of ownership for the company I’ve served the last 5 years I am seeking to leverage your assistance in the process of identifying the next opportunity for me to serve. I have found success working with companies of all sizes bringing their ideas to market, strengthening team performance, building lasting client relationships. I have distinguished myself in each position by producing tangible services and products, implemented them with early adapters, reducing costs of delivery and maximizing the profitability of each client relationship.
My areas of strength encompass:

– Operations Management
– Business and Financial Planning
– Project and Product Management
– Execution and Delivery
– Leadership Development and Training
– Client Relationship Development
– Investor Communications
– Sales Planning and Support
– Go-To-Market Strategy
– Commercialization of Ideas
– Management Consulting
– Executive Coaching

While I certainly would be interested in Executive Level Leadership or Senior Operations Management opportunities in firms that are bringing new products or services to the markets they serve, I want to remain flexible as to industry, title of position, and areas of responsibility. Given the broad nature of my background and the versatility of my skills, I could fit into any number of industries in a variety of capacities with an emphasis on Operational Management, Execution, Delivery, Information Technologies, Product Development or Client Facing Relationship Development.
Example industries include:

– Software and Technology
– Emerging Growth Markets
– Professional Services and Consulting
– Start-ups
– Customer Relationship Management
– Internet, e-Commerce, e-Business
– Manufacturing, Field Services
– Food Industry

I have worked in Start-ups, mid-size and large established companies with responsibilities in a number of functional areas, including:
Operations * Project and Product Management * Client Relationship Management * Business Development * Finance

I excel in fast-paced, results-oriented, challenging environments and thrive in situations requiring energy, drive, and attention to detail. I am an honest person and hard worker of the highest integrity. I have excellent customer skills and am enthusiastic and passionate about providing solutions that meet their needs. Some ways that I could contribute to an organization include:
– Providing organizations with executive leadership that requires business, finance and technology acumen
– Bringing new products or services to market or adapting existing products and services to new markets
– Establishing strong client relationships and reflecting the client voice in the firm’s products and service offering
– Building scale and sustainability into the people and processes that drive the business
– Improving internal accountability, cross organization communications, operational effectiveness and efficiency
– Building and leading teams in client services, operations, marketing and sales, product and business development
– Building trusted strategic alliances for business development or solution delivery
– And more

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