Senior Management in Operations / Financial Services

To Whom It May Concern

In response to your available position for a Branch Manager, the knowledge, experience, and skills that you are currently looking to fulfill, are only the beginning of what I can bring to JPMorgan Chase.
I have a solid history of producing results by mitigating risk and creating process improvements. I have successfully managed a staff of 15 or more, and have dealt effectively with internal and external customers, technology, and executives on a regular basis. All of these achievements are critical to firms, such as yours, that must compete in today’s difficult and ever-changing economy.
My resume is enclosed as proof that I meet all the criteria you are searching for. An interview would give me the chance to further prove my unique strengths and abilities that set my performance apart. I am confident I can provide an invaluable resource of operational skills and leadership abilities. I thrive in an atmosphere of challenge, teamwork, and customer satisfaction. I look forward to discussing with you the depth of my abilities.
Best regards,
Phoenix, Arizona

This example was posted: 2/24/2011 6:05:18 PM EST

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Good letter. I recommend scrubbing the syntax a little. for example "I look forward to discussing the debth of my abilities with you" would flow better.
A resume is not proof rather evidence of skills and abilities. Proof comes off a little strong.
Overall good, just details for improvement.

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