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The ABC’s of Why You Should Hire Me Account Management – 5 years of Account Management experience selling advertising displays in print marketing pieces as well as corporate websites and strategic links. Despite no previous sales experience I became the company’s all-time leader in “average ad sales per account” with $41K over the company average of $26K. Ask about the Case of the Unbreakable Salesman. Best – I have an endless drive to be the best. Whether it’s beating the competition or leading a group of peers by being the greatest producer; I’m compelled and determined to accomplish all of my mission objectives, as taking 2nd place doesn’t meet my standards of excellence. Ask about the Case of the Dead Manager Walking. Consultative Mind – 5 years of consultative sales experience probing for and alleviating business pain. I know how to frame an interview to acquire the necessary information to build a presentation path that connects a prospect logically with an offered solution to a previously admitted business problem. Ask about the Case of the Great BPR Switcheroo. Doctor – I am an expert at diagnosing the root pain inside the sales and marketing operations of any business. Rather than “selling” my prospects; I acutely identify the source of the problem and illustrate a treatment which invokes a “buying” spirit from the business patient. Ask about the Case of the Profit Non-Sharing Plan. Education – My path consisted of a 5 year collegiate experience that enabled me to spend extra time to generate psychology credits in addition to my normal business course complement from the prestigious University of Michigan Business School. My advanced appreciation developed in the field of logic in conjunction with my business aptitude and live case work experiences (working with both small and large sized real business problems) has primed me to be well equipped to handle any challenge. Ask about the Case of You Don’t Know What I Know. Fascination – I crave information and love to learn new things about a wide array of subjects; in particular areas such as science, technology, business and politics. This enables me to be well-rounded to solve problems or generate client rapport through social and professional interactions. My mixed bag of constantly upgrading ingredients manifests itself as an excellent toolkit. Ask about the Case of the Stolen Home Base. Gamer – I’m the most competitive person I know. My childhood consisted of extensive time playing sports and video games which exposed me to learning a multitude of winning strategies across a variety of roles and environments. Ask about the Case of the Mysterious Caribbean Triangle. Honest – I achieve solid credibility with prospects due to my legitimate integrity and personal code of honor. I’m not afraid to admit if I don’t know the answer to a question. My philosophy is that the best way to gain confidence with a prospect is to never lie or use unethical manipulations, and then genuine sincerity becomes inevitably apparent. Ask about the Case of Honest Ben’s Takeaway. Innovator – Do you need an idea machine for micro or macro problems? I have a knack for coming up for home run ideas that others cannot generate and I will prove it. Ask about the Case of the Pinch-Hitting Savior. Judgment – My wisdom paired with high levels of ethics, morals, and compassion primes me to serve as a responsible and efficient decision maker to independently solve problems intelligently and creatively. Through advanced negotiation skills, I also was the company’s all-time record holder in lowest percentage of discounted invoices. Ask about the Case of the Appropriate Tipper. Knowledge – I’m well educated in the fields of business and psychology and have been tested at the genius level. My solid sense of logic keeps me well armed with an arsenal of sales techniques and I have been trained in a modified version of the Sandler Selling System. Ask about the Case of the Time When ‘I Don’t Know’ Was the Answer. Logic – Perhaps my most differentiating characteristic of excellence is my ability to see the big picture and identify all relevant variables from rapport creation dynamics to information gathering to quickly processing optimum solution strategies that achieve desired objectives. A logic professor had once told me that I was the greatest student he ever had and that my ability to perceive and apply logic had surpassed even his own. He had taught logic for over 20 years prior to making that statement. Ask about the Case of the Sale of Denial. Meticulous – I cover all my bases and research all the angles. I don’t miss on thinking of questions to expose business problems and I will figure out where they hide. I’ve had times that I’d have to interface with a prospect’s computer or financial records in order to discover problems they didn’t know they had. Ask about the Case of the Smoking Sales Gun. Nerves of Steel – For seven years I consistently delivered an ultra-high performance level within an extremely challenging prospect market to work with. It consisted of blue-collar business owners; they were contractors and relatively volatile to schedule and maintain appointments with as well as being receptive to a set presentation design flow. My determined and unyielding focus to execute and make things happen by never giving up is a powerful set of assets. Ask about the Case of Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Sale. Outside the Box – Nobody wants to deal with a salesman. Creating a discussion atmosphere with intelligent yet captivating and entertaining energy can put a prospect at ease to enter a buying state more comfortably. I’m like a football coach with a large bag of trick plays and I’ve used endless unique and one-time-only sales plays. Ask about the Case of the Great Diversion. Passionate – I can be soft spoken and reserved when needed, or highly animated when necessary. My sales energy is infectious and inspirational to others. You will be able to showcase me as a model attitude and my nature will increase the passion of others I work with. Ask about the Case of the Heart-Pinned Sleeve. Quiet – After 7 years of experience I’ve finally grasped a solid handle of this tricky art form. I’m keen on observing opportunities to shut up and say nothing when it is strategic to do so, and I’ve developed a strong affinity for being able to truly listen and hear what my conversation partners are trying to convey. Ask about the Case of the Sounds of Sales. Resourcefulness – I use all of the tools and assets available to me. Engaging clients for referrals is an involuntary habit with firm expectations of cooperation. Ask about the Case the Reading Railroad Sniper. Strategist – I invented and implemented new sales processes and methods to divert from company objective to eliminate traveling field sales in lieu of more phone-based sales. My strategic plan and implementation from concept to completion was instrumental and mandatory for the company to continue doing business in the future. I then recruited an entire sales division over a period of 2 years to satisfy the new and more profitable business model. Ask about the Case of the Black Hole Slayer. Telemarketer – I’m a fierce and relentless cold caller. I can bang out a volume of calls with the best of them. It was typical that my day would enable me to make about 75-100 phone calls a day in contrast to 150-200 for a full-time telemarketer, yet I still generated more overall appointments. Ask about the Case of the Table Turning Tyrannosaur. Unique – I possess a versatile blend of skills and abilities ranging from the fields of business to psychology to social rapport. My career path constantly evolved due to my exposure and adaptability to many job functions that required different skill sets of which 95% of the company’s sales staff was rigid to fit certain people into certain positions. Very few people had the ability or opportunity to roam beyond one job title while I had an opportunity to wear a half-dozen different hats. Ask about the Case of the Loneliest Sale in the World. Visionary – I aspire to grow within the company and take on larger roles. I am comfortable with settling in for a lengthy period of time in a single job function, yet I am ready and willing to take on new assignments and aspire to contribute towards the formulation of corporate strategy and long-term vision. Ask about the Case of the Sales Grail. Workaholic – I endeavor to not only outperform my peers, but also to work the hardest. I have never missed a day of work in 7 years due to illness or any other issue, and a few times on the road I found myself extremely ill and still found a way to get the job done. I’ve also never missed a single sales appointment due to any reason on my end. Ask about the Case of the Gremlin Trainer. X-Factor – I feel that the totality of my business abilities and aptitude put me in a position to get favorable results with high frequency. The abundance of my business assets subsidies my chances to succeed and results in the perception that I just have a knack for it. And when all else fails and can’t be explained, sometimes it’s wise to play a wild card, and there’s a lot of wild in me! Ask about the Case of the One-Time-Only Guaranteed Sale. Youthfulness – If you need an immediate impact to your revenue stream then I’m ready to deliver sizable contributions in a highly efficient manner, however I feel I still have a long way to develop and grow and I believe I can ascend to much higher levels of value within due time. My loyalty is unwavering, and I want my next employer to be my last employer. Ask about the Case of the Barry Sanders Clone. Zealous – I’m constantly in a positive mood when I work and I do not get bored or tired. I represent my company with great pride and enthusiasm and a prospect is not going to believe unless you believe, and I always wholeheartedly believe. Ask about the Case of the Sale of Ultimate Determination.


Warren, MI

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