Project Executive / Senior Project Manager

Dear Mr. XXX

I am writing you seeking a challenging Project Executive/Senior Project Manager leadership position in the commercial real estate or construction industry.
With expertise in both commercial real estate development and construction, I direct owners and multi-disciplinary project teams through all phases of large world-class construction projects and redevelopment programs. Accepting total responsibility for project delivery, I evaluate project feasibility and risk, develop implementation strategy, secure entitlements, and lead project teams through all design and construction activities.
My greatest accomplishments come from my ability to synthesize client requirements, assemble design and construction resources, and manage projects as a partner, motivator, mentor, client confidant, project advocate and company enthusiast. I instill team confidence, dedication to the project, and devotion to corporate values and objectives. Driven by a passion to build a better world through projects that enhance the public welfare and enrich the environment for the present and future generations, I possess the technical skills, experience, and personal qualities to be a successful leader on your team.
Very truly yours,
Chicago, Illinois

This example was posted: 8/20/2010 5:52:27 PM EST

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