Production Management Cover Letter

Production Management Cover Letter

The Great Train Stores

With a demonstrated record for increasing profitability, growing revenue and managing costs, I am writing to offer your company a winning combination of expertise in operational analysis, capacity planning and industrial engineering. I have achieved strong gains in production quality and performance by introducing leading edge production management and performance improvement programs.

Career Highlights include:
Implemented a new scheduling system throughout the entire Dunn-Edwards manufacturing plant which increased paint production from 49K gallons/day to 60K gallons/day; reduced set up time which increased daily paint production by 12K gallons.
Slashed overall Transportation Security Administration airport security screening operational budget by $6M through implementation of a staffing simulation model which reduced manpower from 52K to 41K; project was benchmarked for all 435 commercial airports nationwide.
Led lean manufacturing training for 100 production workers at a printed circuit board company; played a key role in development of a conveyor system which increased product production by 1.5M in one year.
Saved the Boeing Company $200K/day through establishment of a new production scheduling program.

For a more detailed presentation of my management, technical, and planning expertise, please review the enclosed resume. I believe a personal meeting would provide us with a more effective platform to discuss my offerings and have included my contact information above for your convenience.


Irvine, California

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